Banners, Signs & More


In this column we show you signs, banners and advertising, most are visible to the public…


The old tram stop signs are gradually phased out – important stops now have these new big signs to help with passenger information (Lars F. Richter Photo)


Whitty Street Depot (Lars F. Richter Photo)

Work Safely & Silence! Whitty Street Depot (Lars F. Richter Photo)

An old spot (should be the only one) inside the depot


(Photo: Joseph Tse)

Destinations display board at Happy Valley Terminus


(Joseph Tse Photos)

as seen on many crossing in Tuen Mun (Lars F. Richter Photo)

MTR 1001


Tuen Mun (MTR) 1001 in line 761P arriving Ping Shan Station.

輕鐵列車1001號 (行走761P線) 抵達平山站。

Photo: Joseph Tse (2-AUG-2009)

MTR 1097


Tuen Mun (MTR) 1097 in line 615 passing the light rail depot in Lung Mun Road.

輕鐵列車1097號 (行走615線) 駛經龍門路近屯門輕鐵車廠。

Photo: Joseph Tse (29-DEC-2007)

MTR 1202


cab-less Tuen Mun (MTR) 1202 in service (line ?) on Fung Nian Road.

拖卡輕鐵列車1202號 (路線不詳) 駛進豐年路車站。

Photo: Joseph Tse (29-DEC-2007)

MTR 1081


Tuen Mun (MTR) 1081 on line 615 in Tai Tong Road.

輕鐵列車1081號 (行走615線) 駛進大棠路。

Photo: Joseph Tse (29-DEC-2007)

Tuen Mun (MTR) Fleet List

  • 1001-1070 Comeng 1988*
  • 1071-1090 Kawasaki 1992
  • 1091-1110 Goninan 1997
  • 1111-1132 Gonian 2009
  • 1201-1210 Kawasaki 1992 (these are motor cars without cabs and thus can not operate alone)

*at least one of the earlier cars has since been scrapped (after 1999): probably car 1013 (which had an accident in 1994)

Few refurbished Phase 4 partly outlining in Phase 3 in the depot (Joseph Tse Photo)

  • 1001-1070 澳洲Comeng (1988年製) *
  • 1071-1090 日本川崎 (1992年製)
  • 1091-1110 澳洲Goninan (1997年製)
  • 1111-1132 中國製澳洲Gonian (2009年投入服務)
  • 1201-1210 日本川崎1992年製 (其中10架為拖掛列車,無駕駛室)


LRT 1009:  T.V. Runnacles Photo (Phase 1, 9-SEPT-1989, Long Yat Road / Castle Peak Road)

LRT 1086: Lars F. Richter Photo (Phase 2, 9-APR-1999, Fung Nin Road / Castle Peak Road)

LRT 1097: T.V. Runnacles Photo (Phase 3, 16-NOV-1997, Lynwood Court / Tin Shui Wai)

MTR 1043


Tuen Mun (MTR) 1043 on line 751 at Yau Oi terminus. There is some street running on the light rail system and this clearly shows that those fancy new light rail vehicles are really just trams.


Photo: Lars F. Richter (18-FEB-2011)