‘Amazing Ding Ding’ – contents

‘Amazing Ding Ding’ consists knowledge and delight. Partial contents as below.
One of the turned over accidents of tramway history, happened on 5 October 1983. Tram 113 not only being the first one got fluorescent lighting but also ever earmarked for San Francisco fleet. As 113 was in its modified body until 1991, we have amended the service date of new (current) 113 from Mike Davis’s 1987, to 1991 in the poster.
Phoneically translation is one of the typical features during colonial. Pictured middle reads 「老牌派律」was an old brand “Pirate Cigarettes” in 1920s.
In this route map you can find where the sharpest corner near Naval Terrace locates, and the period that trams reversed running into the depot.
An off-chance shot indicates the effect if trams run the red light – Driving the tram through a section break with the power on causes serious arcing, as seen here with car 105 and can damage the overhead insulator.
A very rare weekly wage sheet issued in 1968 by Hong Kong Tramways, initially published in ‘Amazing Ding Ding’. The welfares during the said period sounds better as to today’s Minimum Wage.

Training Car 司機訓練車


To provide a better, safer and comfortable service, tram drivers are required to attend training runs.


Tram 168 on trial run prior to official service the next day.


Trial run of tram 172  in rainy day.  172號雨中試行

172 in trial runs precedent to the modification of 168, either one might use for training purpose recently. It’s very rare and lucky to capture both of them!!


Sometimes standard cars are for training purpose, recently open-top tram and 120 joined.


Welcome for new blood of HKT, it’s a long time haven’t seen female drivers apart from those senior ones who have been serving for over 15 years.


Training is finished, ready for service  訓練完成,準備就緒投入服務。

All Joseph Tse Photos

HKT 168: 16-FEB-2011, Cleverly Street Loop/Sheung Wan

HKT 172: 15-FEB-2011, Des Voeux Road West/Eastern Street

HKT 168 & 172: 6-MAY-2011, Queensway/Admiralty MTR

HKT 17: AEON, 2-OCT-2010, Des Voeux Road Central/Sheung Wan

HKT 35: 27-NOV-2010, Des Voeux Road West/Water Street

HKT 170: 17-FEB-2011, Whitty Street Depot Loop/Shek Tong Tsui

Past and Surviving Heritage 電車今昔


Black-and-white tell us the story – It is rarely to see coloured version of the Hong Kong trams in 1950s, whilst another shot captured the modified trams in “black-and-white” version!

HKT 159: Dave Glass Photo (HKT 100 Ann., 1986, Eastern Street)

I have no chance to ride on the past double-deckers as they had been gone, yet by luck and painstaking, resulted in such a superb shot!!

Photo: Joseph Tse (27-FEB-2011, Causeway Bay Terminus Loop)

While I was happy as a clam, the millennium car follows, they are all in the same loop and ascending order!!!

Photo: Joseph Tse (27-FEB-2011, Causeway Bay Terminus Loop)

Topics on the earlier generation trams will come soon.

Have a Tram Party! 電車派對


Let’s have a tram party!! You will never forget how fantastic the night trip is!!


HKT 28 : Joseph Tse Collection (c.1994, Hennessy Road/Wanchai)

The former names of 28 & 128 are “Albert” and “Victoria”, both also for designated routes while destination screens are available.
HKT 28: Ian Photo (c.1989, Whitty Street Depot)
HKT 128: Lars F. Richter Collection (3-APR-1989, Shek Tong Tsui/Whitty Street Depot)
Apart from providing tour rides, tram 128 was specially decorated for the HK Sevens and Cup Noodles, sandwiched in thousands of rugby and a steaming hot big cup noodles!
You can try this non-open-top one with stunning “Tram Party” livery!!
HKT 111: Lars F. Richter Photo (Have a Wonderful Tram Party, 9-APR-1999, Aldrich Bay Road/Sai Wan Ho Depot Loop) 

The Predecessors of Trams 28 & 128 (28和128號的前身)


Trams 28 & 128 are at first normal passenger trams before changing to open-top bodies, the renumbering story on those two cars together with 59 & 119 was intensely interesting.


HKT 28: Ricky Photo (c.1970, Hennessy Road/Wanchai)

HKT 119: Allan Photo (c.1977, Arsenal Street/Wanchai)

The former 128 and the “new” 59 are, probably the same car. Hints could be found on the 2nd & 4th lower glazing and the trolley.

One of my tram fans, has got vague memory on sporting the number “128” in the upper cabin of “new” 59…



HKT 128: Gakugeiin-K Photo (3-MAR-1986, Des Voeux Road Central/Central Market)

HKT 59: Harold Stern Photo (NOV-1988, Hennessy Road/Canal Road West)

Special Features on HKT 特別外貌的香港電車


HKT 113 : Lars F. Richter Photo (PENTAX, MAY-1989, Statue Square/Central)

For various reasons, some trams were non-standard.  After being overturned by a runaway concrete mixer truck in 1983, tram 113 re-entered service with substantial changes to its top deck, such as taller windows, and internal fluorescent lighting.


In the 1990s HKT dabbled with the idea of introducing 11.5-metre bogie trams, to which purpose it assembled this all-metal wheel-less body on a plinth at Whitty Street depot.  It was said that the body could have been completed as an operating tram, but the idea was quietly dropped and the vehicle-body was dismantled by the end of the 1990s.
Photo: Thomas E. Fichter/Lars F. Richter Collection (29-APR-1997, Whitty Street Depot)

Although tram 144 was a conventional refurbished car, its October 1986 ‘Royal’ livery was distinctive.  HKT made every effort to ensure that 144 would pass the HSBC headquarters just as Her Majesty entered the building, but sadly it was just a minute or two too late.

HKT 144: Alan Cheung Photo (Welcome Majesty, The Queen, 1986, Russell Street Depot)

During the 1990s HKT contemplated the replacement of trolley poles by pantographs.  Car 88, which was in the works at the time, was equipped with a home-made diamond photograph, in which condition the motorless tram was pushed around beneath the depot wiring.  The experiment took place in 1996, and was so short-lived that this must be one of very few photographs to show an HKT tram with a pantograph.  As part of the abortive experiment, glide bars were fitted beneath overhead frogs (to prevent snagging on the pantograph horns) and for the same reason all insulators were inverted between Whitty Street and Central.  (T.V. Runnacles)

The side-screen of tram 16 was placed at the upper edge of the window-line, unlike those of other standard trams.
HKT 16: Donald MacRae Photo (FitFort, SEPT-1998, Shaukeiwan Road/Sai Wan Ho)