Peak Tram Fleet List


A relatively rare view of a new Peak Tram with old Peak Tower in the background, taken in 1989.  (Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles)

Current fleet:

  • “green” + “white” 2-car trains built by von Roll in 1989

Previous fleet:

  • 1950s: 3 cars of 1956 lightweight construction (only 2 cars used at any one time) – two cars now on display (one at the upper terminus and one outside a small depot near the lower terminus)
  • 1940s: 2 cars of all-metal construction (built 1948)
  • 1920s: 2 wooden cars (built 1926)
  • 1880s: 2 wooden cars (built 1888)


  • 1989年由瑞士von Roll中標建造, 初期為綠及白色車身, 後期才改為現在的紅色


  • 1950年款: 1956年製, 共3架 (其中2架分別放於山頂廣場外及山下總站前一角) 
  • 1940年款: 1948年製, 全金屬車廂, 共2 架
  • 1920年款: 1926年製, 木製車廂, 共2架
  • 1880年款: 1888年製, 木製車廂, 共2架

PT “white” (historic)


A very interesting small museum is situated at the lower terminus of the Peak Tram. A mock-up of an earlier fleet member is on display here. It was not easy to get this photo as there are usually a few hundred people waiting in this location but the photographer was lucky to be first in line and using his Octopus card to open the electronic gate he managed to get in few seconds before the masses with their card tickets.


Photo: Lars F. Richter (20-FEB-2011)

PT “green” (old)


The other old car (“green”) is on display at the upper terminus and used by the tourist office. Note the splendid “100 Years” headboard from 1988…


Photo: Lars F. Richter (20-FEB-2011)

PT “white” (old)


The previous rolling stock is now on display. This old “white” car sits outside a small depot building near the lower end of the line.


Photo: Lars F. Richter (20-FEB-2011)

PT “white”


View of the current Peak Tram rolling stock. Just like in the old days the cars do not carry a fleet number but show either a green or a white light on the front. Here we see the “white” train inside the lower station.


Photo: Lars F. Richter (20-FEB-2011)