Ding Ding II


As a continuation of Amazing Ding Ding, Amazing Ding Ding II relies heavily on diagrammatic illustrations and couple of extraordinary pictures. 

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a renowned transport expert with the authors, at the Western Market terminus

Story of tram 201


An amazing comparison view showing two 201″s” – the left one specially produced for the Ocean Park – Old Hong Kong (香港老大街) since mid-March 2012. As to the right “201”, it’s a temporary works car renumbered from car 100 in autumn 1989 and generously supplied by T.V. Runnacles.

Despite the mistakes such as the glazed upper deck-end hopper vents (should be panelled) and a painted out window in front of the staircase (should be blank panel) on the replica 201, it generally reveals a typical two classes tram with a single front staircase in the 1950s.


‘Amazing Ding Ding’ – more contents

The story of the enclosed top trams dated back the canvas roof and wooden roof fittings, following by the inflow of advertising on tram bodies.
The haulage of tram 12 left Sharp Street at midnight on 20 November 1985. Tram 35 being the hauler, passing outside the HSBC headquarters. On its way to Vancouver for Expo’ 86, approaching Kennedy Town Praya to be swung into the barge so the roads were very quiet for such a big task.
The closure of Sharp Street Depot followed by the last tram 31, officially leaving the depot on 20
March 1989, which the site was redeveloped as today’s Times Square. Another view shows the opening ceremony of the new Sai Wan Ho Depot.

Three trams decorated in British colonial style. Works car 200, in November 1961 for welcoming H.R.H. Princess Alexandra. Car 22 celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977, and car 144 when the Queen visited Hong Kong again in October 1986.