Air-con. car


HK Tramways resumed the possibiility for air-conditioning in summer 2014. A new metal car no.88 superseded the original ’88’ which soonest renumbered to 30. Car 30 has withdrawn few months ago.

Closer view of new 88

“New” 30 with roof no. remains 88

Withdrawal of old 30

Ding Ding II


As a continuation of Amazing Ding Ding, Amazing Ding Ding II relies heavily on diagrammatic illustrations and couple of extraordinary pictures. 

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a renowned transport expert with the authors, at the Western Market terminus

Story of tram 201


An amazing comparison view showing two 201″s” – the left one specially produced for the Ocean Park – Old Hong Kong (香港老大街) since mid-March 2012. As to the right “201”, it’s a temporary works car renumbered from car 100 in autumn 1989 and generously supplied by T.V. Runnacles.

Despite the mistakes such as the glazed upper deck-end hopper vents (should be panelled) and a painted out window in front of the staircase (should be blank panel) on the replica 201, it generally reveals a typical two classes tram with a single front staircase in the 1950s.


New swap Old


Since 2011 HKT has been building the new all-metal trams, with outlines quite similar to the present wooden trams.  Following the new numbers 171, 173, 174 and 175 the subsequent newers are taking the numbers of those being withdrawn.  Up to September 2012 fourteen newers have been built.

A funny comparison showing the old 157 and new 157, same place (Western Market) and same neighbour car 171.

Remains of 157 after dismantling, whilst new 157 had been in service for three months.

Another interesting view showing two identical no.1″s”, the new-built green one is near completion whilst the old 1 being discarded.

Hong Kong Trams – Eco-Friendly Transport 環保先驅–電車


Although I have no idea how the concept of green colour on trams come from, today it is the surviving transport with zero pollution in Hong Kong. Seems only the green can be the best icon for trams.


In early 1970s, there are slogans on trams promoting its benefits to the environmental protection on dimishing pollution, this might explain the origin of green colour. Let’s travel more on trams!

「乘電車,免空氣染污」– 早在70年代,電車已經肩負宣揚環保的使命。這或許可以說明電車以綠色為主色的由來。

HKT 43: John Surgey Photo (1978, Hennessy Road/Tin Lok Lane)

HKT 76: Alan Cheung Photo (1978, Wong Nai Chung Road/Happy Valley)

Ex-Millennium Car & Millennium Car 千禧電車的進化


Photos: Joseph Tse (17-FEB-2011, Whitty Street Depot loop)

Modified 168 and Millennium 170, primary with the same looking, particularly the side.

Other obvious difference include:

• auto flap-gates at the rear entrance
• LED destination screen, illumination & stops reporting
• new design seating



• 自動感應閘門
• 電子目的地顯示牌,LED照明及報站器
• 全新設計坐椅

3 Photos: Joseph Tse (5-OCT-2010)

Photo: Joseph Tse (21-FEB-2011, Shek Tong Tsui)

The last time I captured tram 168 before its modification.


Photo: Joseph Tse (30-APR-2010, Catchick Street/Kennedy Town)

HKT 171



HKT 171: Joseph Tse Photo (18-FEB-2011, Whitty Street Depot)

Millennium body 171, air-conditioned produced by Carrier, never in service, truckless few months ago and stored at Whitty Street Depot, awaiting an uncertain future


However, surprising while see tram 128 with air-con. on top !! The windows of upper deck are fully-closed and the “T” shape for lying the trolleypole was heightened.

另外128號裝冷氣是始料不及! 上層車窗改為密封,而用作鉤定拖里的T形位亦加高了。

HKT 128: Joseph Tse Photo (31-MAY-2008, Johnston Road/Wanchai MTR)