Tram Overturned 6 April 2017


On 6th April 2017 midnight tram 123 on its last way from Shaukeiwan to Whitty Street Depot, derailed and hit the eastbound tram stop then overturned on Des Voeux Road Central near the HSBC Headquarters, injuring fourteen people including the driver. The front part of the tram was severely damaged, the resistance box fall off. It was suspected that the tram was hit by a bus and any obstacles in the tram tracks. The driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. Tram 123 was lifted by two cranes and being hauled by tram 112 ahead to the depot around 4 a.m. Inspection is still in process.

A special meeting will be convened by Traffic & Transport Committee, Central and Western DC on 19th April 2017 for the 1st discussion with related authorities.

The last case dating back 5th October 1983 morning when a concrete-mixer rammed into tram 113 at Shaukeiwan Road, injuring 21 people. On 12th April 1964 evening tram 136 toppled over at the double-bend in Admiralty, injuring 59 and killing one who sat in the rear updeck of tram 68 in opposite direction.

Photos courtesy: 葉錦龍 Sam Yip

Talking Trams at HKT office


Two pretty French travellers are doing a round-the-world trip with Transdev France and stayed in HK: it’s meaningful to me talking trams at the tram depot office, core of HKT. My pleasure sharing the numbering stories awas my dedication on choosing the no.of tour tram.

與兩位遠道而來的法籍年輕旅行家,相約於電車廠寫字樓暢談 #電車,難得、緊張且興奮! 感謝 Three For The Ride 專訪。內容包括電車號碼的變法,我亦間接促成觀光電車號碼的落實。



Trams – Treasure of Hong Kong


The tramway cancellation proposal last year obviously lack of support. During 70s trams and MTR are developing separately (not regarded as alternatives); circuit service was provided by HKT when Island Line opened, more merits like zero air pollution and the best mode for short-distance travellers….fate of system up to travellers, be considerate to those who need.


110th Anniversary


HK Tramways entered its 110th annniversary by organising an Open day of Whitty Street Tram Depot, 30 July 2014.

Here we saw the visitors enjoyed the free ride on millennium car 169.

Entrance. Let’s go!

Change liveries in progress

Advanced positioning system in operation control room

workers changing new tyres

scraplines seen here

Thanks to Gary Cat for providing most views

Air-con. car


HK Tramways resumed the possibiility for air-conditioning in summer 2014. A new metal car no.88 superseded the original ’88’ which soonest renumbered to 30. Car 30 has withdrawn few months ago.

Closer view of new 88

“New” 30 with roof no. remains 88

Withdrawal of old 30

Tramcars History



centenary stamp

Exhibition on tram history is always fascinating, Above is a rare collection – internal sample of the Centenary Stamps that with 5 pics whilst 4 were released eventually with officials’ signatures.

Generally there is no specific/official “generation” categories on tramcars. As many of the tramcars in one generation were in fact just modifications of the previous, such as open top cars fitted with canvas roofs and then wooden roofs. This is not a true classification to tram types.

There is difficulty in deciding when the old trams were withdrawn. For example, the trucks on the old “Pre-war” trams were all transferred to the new “Post-war” bodies and a couple of old trams are still running during the transition.

We categorized in four stages/types:
1. Single deckers (1904) to modified double deckers (fitted with canvas roofs and later wooden roofs)


2. Enclosed double deckers (1925, “Pre-war” style) to new-style “Post-war” bodies (1949, “Post-war” style) – the wording “pre-war” and “post-war” are Chinese translations just to distinguish the period they built



For the history of Single deck Trailers (See our post

3. New-built 1987 fleet (replacement of the “Post-war” bodies, including no.120). In 1986 fifteen bodies (6, 36, 39, 41, 46, 80, 88, 89, 121, 127, 139, 141, 143, 144, 159) got rebuilt using original underframes and have their resistor boxes moved to the roof. The fleet are then replaced during 1987 to 1991 by new underframes. No.120 and those rebuilt in 1986 were lastly replaced by end-1991.

new frame

New underframe for 1987 fleet

For heritage 120, the current 120 was a new-built replica and NOT the original body. Hereby a compared view showing their differences. Somehow for security reason the resistors were moved to the roof, spoiling the appearance.


4. Millennium trams (2000) to all-metal rebodied tram (2011, VVVF motion and LED display, etc. replacing the current 1987 fleet.


141 put to scrap in summer 2012


New 141 in service

In 2014 HKT resumed the possibiliy of air-conditioning and the first body, 171, being discarded for 13 years, is under modification.