Past and Surviving Heritage 電車今昔


Black-and-white tell us the story – It is rarely to see coloured version of the Hong Kong trams in 1950s, whilst another shot captured the modified trams in “black-and-white” version!

HKT 159: Dave Glass Photo (HKT 100 Ann., 1986, Eastern Street)

I have no chance to ride on the past double-deckers as they had been gone, yet by luck and painstaking, resulted in such a superb shot!!

Photo: Joseph Tse (27-FEB-2011, Causeway Bay Terminus Loop)

While I was happy as a clam, the millennium car follows, they are all in the same loop and ascending order!!!

Photo: Joseph Tse (27-FEB-2011, Causeway Bay Terminus Loop)

Topics on the earlier generation trams will come soon.

Birkenhead Tramways cars 69 and 70 香港系列 Birkenhead 69/70號


A Birkenhead car under construction at Hong Kong Whitty Street Depot in 1992. (TVR)

Before going into service in Birkenhead at the end of 1994, the two HKT-built trams went to Blackpool.  They rarely ventured out into the network except on private charters, partly because of a propensity to derail on Blackpool’s sleeper track.

Birkenhead’s short tramway is normally open only on Saturdays and Sundays. It runs west from the Woodside Ferry Terminal to Egerton Bridge, where it turns south to terminate by Taylor Street Depot.  The total line length is approximately one mile (1.6 km). Woodside Ferry Terminal is served by the solitary serviceable Mersey Ferry: the Mersey ferries once bore comparison with the ‘Star’ Ferry in Hong Kong, but the remaining ferry service is expensive, infrequent and aimed at tourists. As for the tramway, until recently there had been plans to expand the initial line into a functioning network, but this idea has not been pursued.  The tramway operates under the auspices of the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society.

A strange face to face shot of the two Birkenhead HK cars in the museum(Sunset Dan Photo)

BT 70 leaving Blackpool’s Rigby Road Depot en route to Birkenhead.

Photo: Tony Armitage (JUN-1994)

Photo: B. J. Cross (Ash Street, Fleetwood, 17-JUL-1994)

BT 69 in contemporary blue livery inside the depot. (Sincere thanks to Chris)

Today tram 69 sports this modern Birkenhead livery.  The original trams in Birkenhead had long ceased operation before this splendid livery was introduced on the town’s buses.

Photo: John Harrison (Woodside Ferry terminus, Birkenhead, 19-MAY-2007)

Birkenhead 70 waits for its trolley pole to be reversed

Special thanks to calflier001

An interesting view of a Hong Kong tram, which had been based on British technology and practice, operating in its ‘spiritual motherland’.

BT 69: David Flett Photo (7-MAR-2009, Birkenhead East, UK)

This good monochrome shot of Birkenhead 69 resembles old photographs of Hong Kong trams.

In this picture Birkenhead 70 has been decorated to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Birkenhead’s original trams in 2010.  In the background is single-deck Lisbon tram 730.

BT 69&70: David Photo (3-OCT-2010, Birkenhead East)

A relatively rare photograph of Birkenhead 70 at Fleetwood Ferry terminus, north of Blackpool.

Photo: Tony Armitage (18-JUL-1993)

BT 70 approaching Shore Road Gate, Birkenhead.

Photo: Lars F. Richter (13-MAY-1995)

This view shows Birkenhead 70 displayed in Taylor Street Depot, with former Liverpool Corporation ‘Baby Grand’ 245 behind. (Special thanks to Alexander Cunningham)

Tramway (HKT) Fleet List 香港電車車隊列表














During the history of the HKT tramcar fleet new bodies were often built onto old underframes. Today the regular fleet (excluding the special cars 28, 120, 128, 200, 300 and the three surviving millennium type bodies 169, 170, 171 – the latter now stored) comprises of cars with Full Arts or Leeway Engineering bodies on completely new underframes. The newest cars 168 and 172 are slightly more advanced and feature components also found on the millennium cars (mostly the side of the tram).

We have prepared a list of the current fleet.  Included are details like type of controllers & trolley poles, body and fleet number swaps, last overhaul date etc. and most importantly the type of truck used. Today, only the trucks are a reminder from the past.

Click the following link to open a pdf file containing details of the current fleet and those from the early days to today:


以下的車隊列表,載有包括電車用的控制器款式、集電弓(拖里)、已停用的號碼、大修日期等,更重要的還有底盤款式 — 這是唯一可以追溯過去的標記。


Truck types

Peckham truck – old history, majority of trams got this type




















M&T truck – Maley & Taunton

HKT truck – made by Hong Kong Tramways

Motion types

There are three types of motion on Hong Kong trams, of which 120, tour-28 & 128 are using Dick Kerr controllers. The remaining are with joysticks, 77 trams (a pair of speed reading) with “voltage divider” and 50 (single speed reading) with IGBT.



















Trolley types

Single spring trolley

     Double spring trolley

Double spring with a bit higher base, currently exist in #39 and #133

Banners, Signs & More


In this column we show you signs, banners and advertising, most are visible to the public…


The old tram stop signs are gradually phased out – important stops now have these new big signs to help with passenger information (Lars F. Richter Photo)


Whitty Street Depot (Lars F. Richter Photo)

Work Safely & Silence! Whitty Street Depot (Lars F. Richter Photo)

An old spot (should be the only one) inside the depot


(Photo: Joseph Tse)

Destinations display board at Happy Valley Terminus


(Joseph Tse Photos)

as seen on many crossing in Tuen Mun (Lars F. Richter Photo)

HKT 171



HKT 171: Joseph Tse Photo (18-FEB-2011, Whitty Street Depot)

Millennium body 171, air-conditioned produced by Carrier, never in service, truckless few months ago and stored at Whitty Street Depot, awaiting an uncertain future


However, surprising while see tram 128 with air-con. on top !! The windows of upper deck are fully-closed and the “T” shape for lying the trolleypole was heightened.

另外128號裝冷氣是始料不及! 上層車窗改為密封,而用作鉤定拖里的T形位亦加高了。

HKT 128: Joseph Tse Photo (31-MAY-2008, Johnston Road/Wanchai MTR)

HKT 169 on Charter 千禧電車「私人租用」


HKT 169 (Millennium body) taken during our Private Hire around the whole system (Whitty Street Depot* – Kennedy Town – Shaukeiwan – Happy Valley Loop – Whitty Street Depot). Another surprise is the other millennium car, 170 follow us!!

169號千禧電車幸運地被特別租用,且接近走畢沿途路線 (西廠* – 堅尼地城 – 筲箕灣 – 跑馬地 – 西廠),更巧合地遇上170號。這是唯一剩下的兩架「千禧電車」。

Photo: Joseph Tse (19-FEB-2011, King’s Road/North Point)

*電車公司行內用語,西廠 (屈地街電車廠) / 東廠 (西灣河電車廠) — HKT phrase, for identification of the two depots, West Depot (Whitty Street Depot) and East Depot (Sai Wan Ho Depot)

HKT 168 Trial Service Starts! 新電車168正式投入服務


HKT 168: Joseph Tse Photo (17-FEB-2011, Western Market)

HKT 168 – newly rebuilt in Aug 2010 (ex Millennium body built in 2000) – a new era for Hong Kong Tramways – 168 first day entered into trial service, 17 Feb 2011 (anniversary on wholly-owned by Veolia).

Please refer to the below link regarding the media launch of the new tram, 5-OCT-2010—- SCMP-6oct)

New tram 168 with stunning “HKT 1904” livery, continues its century’s mission, 168 in Chinese pronunciation means “continuing to be rich”. A good start!


The first stop of the route, first day of service starts.


Photo: Joseph Tse (17-FEB-2011, Catchick Street/Kennedy Town)

The crowded view on 168 tell us the fact – the Company should not worry on passengers no matter the construction of MTR West Line!!


Photo: Joseph Tse (27-FEB-2011, Pedder Street/Central)

Tram 168 turn loop, westbound Shek Tong Tsui


Photo: Joseph tse (21-FEB-2011, Connaught Road West/Western Market)

 HKT 168: Joseph Tse Photo (25-FEB-2011, Shing Sai Road/Shek Tong Tsui)