Tram Overturned 6 April 2017


On 6th April 2017 midnight tram 123 on its last way from Shaukeiwan to Whitty Street Depot, derailed and hit the eastbound tram stop then overturned on Des Voeux Road Central near the HSBC Headquarters, injuring fourteen people including the driver. The front part of the tram was severely damaged, the resistance box fall off. It was suspected that the tram was hit by a bus and any obstacles in the tram tracks. The driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. Tram 123 was lifted by two cranes and being hauled by tram 112 ahead to the depot around 4 a.m. Inspection is still in process.

A special meeting will be convened by Traffic & Transport Committee, Central and Western DC on 19th April 2017 for the 1st discussion with related authorities.

The last case dating back 5th October 1983 morning when a concrete-mixer rammed into tram 113 at Shaukeiwan Road, injuring 21 people. On 12th April 1964 evening tram 136 toppled over at the double-bend in Admiralty, injuring 59 and killing one who sat in the rear updeck of tram 68 in opposite direction.

Photos courtesy: 葉錦龍 Sam Yip

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