‘Amazing Ding Ding’ – contents

‘Amazing Ding Ding’ consists knowledge and delight. Partial contents as below.
One of the turned over accidents of tramway history, happened on 5 October 1983. Tram 113 not only being the first one got fluorescent lighting but also ever earmarked for San Francisco fleet. As 113 was in its modified body until 1991, we have amended the service date of new (current) 113 from Mike Davis’s 1987, to 1991 in the poster.
Phoneically translation is one of the typical features during colonial. Pictured middle reads 「老牌派律」was an old brand “Pirate Cigarettes” in 1920s.
In this route map you can find where the sharpest corner near Naval Terrace locates, and the period that trams reversed running into the depot.
An off-chance shot indicates the effect if trams run the red light – Driving the tram through a section break with the power on causes serious arcing, as seen here with car 105 and can damage the overhead insulator.
A very rare weekly wage sheet issued in 1968 by Hong Kong Tramways, initially published in ‘Amazing Ding Ding’. The welfares during the said period sounds better as to today’s Minimum Wage.

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