Trams on Ngo Geng Kiu 電車渡河


An interesting photo in 1920s commonly find in books showing two double-deck tramcars, one with canvas roof and the other one fully enclosed passed by the “bridge”, with a pair of tracks laid underneath.

Most Hong Kongers named it “Ngo Geng Kiu 鵝頸橋” (formerly named Bowrington Bridge, In Cantonese “Ngo Geng” means “gooseneck”) guestimating for its curved outline of the canal, now become a well-known area for “beating the petty person” 打小人 today 1.

The tracks underneath has been a mysterious query on readers and historicans, some argued it’s for trams running but obviously in weak persuation, as the height is not enough for trams even a single-decker. It’s part of the Praya East Reclamation Project, the tracks are for transporting sand and soil removed from Morrison Hill to the waterfront land reclamation.


它是香港人熟悉的「鵝頸橋」(前稱寶靈頓橋),”Ngo Geng”廣東話的意思是鵝頸,橋下是一條運河,它彎曲窄長形如鵝頸,故橫跨此河的橋俗稱「鵝頸橋」。今天成為了著名「打小人」的集中地。


Coincidentally, tha above view shows a track layout being laid in the same area in 1922, which was the main way to Happy Valley and the junction of the depot exit in Russell Street.



1 The Best of Asia 2009 entitled in Time Magazine

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