Coastal Tramlines 濱海電車路


A superb angle capturing the tram encircled by the barges and row of lorries — The vanished coastal tramline at Kennedy Town Praya recalls me most. You can hear the frequent “ding ding” sounds but the workers often neglect the sounds, rushing to load their goods on the tramlines and quickly remove them before trams passed by1. (T.V. Runnacles)


Such area has been reclaimed today in place of a park and new launched swimming pool, and the memorable moments will probably be lost forever.


1 Superb photos could be found in Tram Jam 電車舞曲 by Martin Jones, Presstram, 1984.

2 thoughts on “Coastal Tramlines 濱海電車路

  1. Amazing Coastal Tramlines! Never think of there is beautiful coastline just in front of the tramlines! So sad, can never see it`s beautiful again…

  2. Joseph Tse

    Nice to see you here, Xiufei. Thank you so much for your touching reply. I miss the coastal tramline too.

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