Airlines Billboards 翱翔的廣告牌


Airlines regularly advertised on trams, from small panels to the whole bodies being hand-painted by the masters, another superb moving billboards.
The stunning airplanes with scenes are recalling, you can’t wait to take a trip immediately!


HKT 22: Michael Rokitta Photo / Lasr F. Richter Collection (Thai, 6-JAN-1994, Western Street)

HKT 113: T.V. Runnacles Photo (KLM, DEC-1978, Wong Nai Chung Road/Happy Valley)

A simple design could draw your attention. United Airlines advertised on tram 132 in freshly white plus the principal three colours, whilst tram 108 in tartan design perfectly match-up the vanished, Scotland-based airline British Caledonian.


HKT 132: Lars F. Richter Photo (United Airlines, 3-APR-1989, Shek Tong Tsui)

HKT 108: T.V. Runnacles Photo (British Caledonian Airways, 27-APR-1987, Des Voeux Road West)

Car 22 was likely designated on the adverts for Thai Airways. An interesting design with densely hallmarks was shown, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Thai Airways.


HKT 22: John Prentice Photo (Thai 30th Anniversary, c.1990, Cleverly Street / Sheung Wan)

Tram 26 in eye-dazzling yellow coat ready for depart, note the same Chinese 私用 but varied English names, of which the front reads “PRIVATE” and the side with “PRIVATE HIRE”. Perhaps the latter one was used to differentiate between tour cars and non-service cars.

停在霎東街車廠的26號除奪目的黃色車身之外,值得留意的是同一個「私用」牌布出現兩個英文版本 (前方是PRIVATE,側面是PRIVATE HIRE)。相信後來為區別旅遊車和不載客車,PRIVATE HIRE的中文便改為「私人租用」。

HKT 26: degahk Photo (Lufthansa, MAY-1986, Sharp Street Depot)

More freshly-painted adverts on cars 123 and 154.


HKT 123: H.C. Steele Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (Canadian Airlines, 4-NOV-1994, Happy Valley Terminus)

HKT 154: Scott Manson Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (ANA, 3-MAR-1990, Sheung Wan MTR)

Both the fleet number and the soft-painted adverts, were vanished.


HKT 71: John Prentice Photo (JAL, c.1990, Causeway Bay Terminus)

3 thoughts on “Airlines Billboards 翱翔的廣告牌

  1. Zero Hino

    不列顛帝國萬歲! 優雅的英國金獅航空廣告
    英國金獅航空又名 不列顛蘇格蘭人航空

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