Vanished and Current Tramlines 今昔路軌


The partial redundant tracks outside the depot and along the main lane are still visible today.

Back to the Past…


The vanished junction of Whitty Street (Shek Tong Tsui) Loop in the late 1990s. Trams go straight when bound to Kennedy Town same as today, and enter the junction laid to the north, either go to the depot or sit for the next route by passing the loop under the Hill Road Flyover. (Lindsaybridge)

九十年代初的屈地街 (石塘咀) 分段路軌,往堅尼地城的電車跟現在一樣直走,左段是電車入廠或繞過山道橋底轉往下一目的地。

Tram 120 departing from the depot, eastbound to North Point but the side screen was still displayed in “Whitty Street”. Perhaps the driver has to modify while stopping at the traffic light ahead!


(H.C. Steele Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection, 25-JAN-1992, Whitty Street Depot)

Tram 115 is just finished refurbishment with plain silver body, passed by the depot-entering section and pending for the next route to North Point. (Lindsaybridge)


The new track layout to the depot encircled by the barges. (T.V. Runnacles)
The current Whitty Street Loop for depot-entering and departing is likely the most complicated junction. Tram 168 westbound to Kennedy Town whilst tram 120 to Happy Valley.


HKT 120 & 168: Joseph Tse Photo (24-FEB-2011, Des Voeux Road West)
HKT 31: Joseph Tse Photo (3-MAY-2011, Shek Tong Tsui)
HKT 200: Joseph Tse Photo (13-NOV-2010, Whitty Street Loop)
Tram 31 ready to turn into the loop of Shek Tong Tsui. Another picture shows tram 200 rush back to the depot at 7, whilst tram 8 starts its first route to Happy Valley.


Tram 172 finished trial run, waiting at the another junction back to the depot at the end of Kennedy Town Praya.


HKT 172: Joseph Tse Photo (5-MAY-2011, Whitty Street Loop)

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