Filming on Trams 電車‧映畫戲


This might be the ever first time to closing a street for filming. An unidentified tram masqueraded as “Shanghai Tramways car 22″ for the film Shanghai Surprise, starring Madonna and Sean Penn by Shaw Brothers Studios. Initially it was planned to close Catchick Street for filming early in the morning on 12 February 1986, the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.  Unfortunately there is lack of slides of the film showing the shots of the tram itself.
Precedent films with HK trams are “Rouge” 《胭脂扣》 in 1987 and “Lust, Caution” 《色‧戒》 in 2007, featured in Post-war and Pre-war styles, respectively.

相信這是首次因配合電影拍攝而須封閉街道。1986年2月12日 (踏入虎年第四日) 早上,由邵氏電影公司攝製,國際巨星麥當娜與辛潘主演的電影《上海驚奇》在港開拍,一架電車化身成上海年代的22號,令吉席街需要封閉,場面墟陷。


The blurry circled watermark near the rear gate, guesstimating it was 126.


Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles

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