Diversionary Tracks 昔日的臨時路軌


During the construction work for the Mass Transit Railway, the westbound tramlines via Western Market were diverted.  Tram 133, decorated in the former Korean Ginseng livery (pictured above) was turning towards Morrison Street.


 HKT 133: Tom Photo (Korean Ginseng, c.1987, Western Market/Sheung Wan)

Even more curious was the temporary diversion of tram tracks from Des Voeux Road Central into Wing Lok Street in the early 1980s.


Special thanks to John Law

Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles

Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles

Construction of the original MTR line in the late 1970s required frequent tramway diversions in Des Voeux Road Central.  This 1979 view shows a remarkable assembly of redundant tracks.


This picture shows well-crowded trailer-hauling tram 30 negotiating sharply-curved temporary track outside Alexandra House.


HKT 30: Tom Jackson Photo (c.1980, Des Voeux Road Central/Ice House Street)

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