Prototype Refurbished Car 143 第一架翻新電車143號


The ‘1986 trams’ were not new.  The cars were refurbished from trams built to the 1950 design and retained the original underframes and structural pillars.

The prototype refurbished car was 143, which was launched on 4 February 1986 in a livery of British Racing Green.  It still carried lifeguards at that time.



These photographs show the upper and lower saloons of refurbished car 143, revealing its impressive fibreglass seats and repositioned rear staircase.


Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles

Car 143 soon lost its green livery and successively acquired two overall advertisements for CSL. Note the lifeguards had been removed and replaced by deep fenders in the second picture.


HKT 143 : Lars F. Richter Photo (CSL Shop, MAY-1989, Statue Square/Central)

Even the new 143 (built 1991) retained an old-style resistor cover with two rear ventilators.  This feature finally disappeared during overhaul sometime in or after 2003.


HKT 143: Lars F. Richter Photo (7-APR-1999, Kennedy Town Praya/Holland Street)

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