HKT 120 – 1949 Prototype 車中寶120號


Tram 120 is shown here in 1977; it is interesting to compare this vehicle with its contemporary ‘numbersake’.  (T.V. Runnacles)

原有的120號於1977年的面貌 – 讓我們來發掘其與現役120號的不同之處吧!

Ironically, today’s 120 is more like the 1950 production batch than the original 120, but its ‘authenticity’ was completely ruined when the resistors were latterly moved from the back platform to the roof.


HKT 120: Joseph Tse Photo (21-APR-2011, LegCo/Central)

Tram 120 underwent overhaul in July 2009.  Fortunately, the Dick Kerr controller was retained.


HKT 120: Joseph Tse Photo (25-JUL-2009, Whitty Street Depot)

This interesting picture shows the original 120 carrying individual advertisements in about 1970.


HKT 120: J. Buckley Photo (c.1970, Shaukeiwan Road)

This view shows the original car 120 in about 1980.  It still carried individual advertisements but its lifeguards had been replaced by deep fenders.


HKT 120: Alan Cheung Photo (c.1980, Des Voeux Road Central)

Tram 120 was unique by having a handrail across its tall central upper deck end windows and by having centrally placed end destination screens.  Although HKT originally intended to maintain the tram in fleet livery, it acquired overall advertisements from about 1987. (Special thanks to Julian)


The original 120 carries the final version of its Accord Watches decoration, plus an eco-friendly slogan on its fender.


HKT 120 : H. C. Steele Photo /Lars F. Richter Collection (ACCORD Watches, 18-JUN-1990, Kennedy Town Loop)
The present tram 120 appeared in a version of the green fleet livery when it entered service in September 1991.  The deep undivided upper deck windows were not reproduced, nor were the centrally-positioned destination screens.
HKT 120: Jonathon McDonnell Photo (c.1992, Bank Street/Central)
The lower view shows the new 120 leaving Whitty Street Depot via the original exit as it passes car 86 on the way in.
(Special thanks to John Prentice and T.V. Runnacles)

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      tram 120 has got the unique “centered” outlook, however the middle upper glazing will shelter the destination screen so cancel this concept once rebuilt.

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