Triple Tramlines 三軌並行


HKT 69: Allan Photo / Joseph Tse Collection (The Platinum Dragon Coins, c.1990, King’s Road/North Point)

There was a “hidden” additional track extending to the edge of the tramstop (now North Point Road Stop).

For several years in the 1980s there were three parallel tracks along King’s Road through North Point.  This was a legacy of Transport Department’s King’s Road Traffic Management Scheme.  The original scheme was launched in the first week of 1981 and was a disaster, leading to even greater traffic congestion than before.  A solution was devised to accommodate traffic in the years before the opening of the Island Eastern Corridor road and the Island Line.  The work was carried out during the autumn of 1982 and created a new eastbound tram track to the north of the original eastbound one.  Hence the original westbound track was abandoned and became a general traffic lane, whilst the former eastbound track became the current westbound tramway.  The scheme remains in use despite the advent of the new expressway and the MTR Island Line.  However, the original westbound tram track was progressively removed during routine road works, and there has been no trace of it for the last twenty years.

圖中隱約看見多一條路軌延伸至電車站的末端 (該站為今北角道車站)。


這是1982年運輸署於英皇道的交通管制項目之一,包括在原有的西行線以北鋪設一條新的東行線,因此原有的西行線被廢置 (後來改為行車線),原有的東行線變成今天的西行線。該項目後來終止,廢置的路軌多年後才被拆除。

A newly-laid junction at North Point Road was under construction. The track along which car 24 was running is the current westbound track!


Under the scheme, the loops turning in at North Point Road and out from Tong Shui Road, as well as the emergency crossover, had to be reconstructed.


Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles

HKT 89: Lars F. Richter Photo (LEE KUM KEE, MAY-1989, Tin Chiu Street/North Point)

4 thoughts on “Triple Tramlines 三軌並行

  1. hongkonglover

    I saw on web , 3-rails make “triangle”. circumference of platform.
    [LTR KCR light rail-way]Hong kong is Q (cute)!

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