New Elements of Past Tram Ads 昔日電車廣告新元素


Tram ads in the 70-80s are mainly local goods. With the inflow of the western products, some appeared with interesting Chinese names.  Apart from those familiar “Crocodile” and “Wing On”, the enter of chain fastfood shop “Burger King” has got a funny Chinese translated name!

七、八十年代的電車廣告以國貨為主,但隨著外國商品的流入,電車廣告上出現了一些有趣的中文名稱。除了我們熟悉的「鱷魚恤」、「永安」外,連鎖快餐店“Burger King”當年進駐香港時,就被譯成「堡加敬」!

HKT 12: degahk Photo (BURGER KING, DEC-1979, Admiralty)

HKT 17: degahk Photo (Crocodile, FEB-1980, Whitty Street Terminus)

HKT 163: John Prentice Photo (WING ON, c.1981, Happy Valley Terminus)

HKT 118: Gakugeiin-K Photo (Lipton, 1986, Pedder Street/Central)

The world’s leading brand Lipton Tea, is another long-term member on the past tram ads. 世界領先的品牌立頓紅茶,當年也是電車廣告的長期客戶。

The inflow of the Japanese products enriched the contents of tram ads. The stunning painting of the HK TV star, Ngan Kwok Leung, Johnny, has been lasted for years before changed to new version, pictured below.


HKT 49 : Gakugeiin-K Photo (Trumpet Seirogan product, 1986, Pedder Street/Central)

HKT 49: John Prentice Photo (Trumpet Seirogan product, 1990, Ice House Street/Central)

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