Training Car 司機訓練車


To provide a better, safer and comfortable service, tram drivers are required to attend training runs.


Tram 168 on trial run prior to official service the next day.


Trial run of tram 172  in rainy day.  172號雨中試行

172 in trial runs precedent to the modification of 168, either one might use for training purpose recently. It’s very rare and lucky to capture both of them!!


Sometimes standard cars are for training purpose, recently open-top tram and 120 joined.


Welcome for new blood of HKT, it’s a long time haven’t seen female drivers apart from those senior ones who have been serving for over 15 years.


Training is finished, ready for service  訓練完成,準備就緒投入服務。

All Joseph Tse Photos

HKT 168: 16-FEB-2011, Cleverly Street Loop/Sheung Wan

HKT 172: 15-FEB-2011, Des Voeux Road West/Eastern Street

HKT 168 & 172: 6-MAY-2011, Queensway/Admiralty MTR

HKT 17: AEON, 2-OCT-2010, Des Voeux Road Central/Sheung Wan

HKT 35: 27-NOV-2010, Des Voeux Road West/Water Street

HKT 170: 17-FEB-2011, Whitty Street Depot Loop/Shek Tong Tsui

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