From paper tickets to coins 從車票到輔幣


The period of the HK$2 tram ride since 1998 will come to an end. Revised fares will be HK$2.3 for adults and HK$1.2 for children with effect from 7 June 2011. Fares for seniors, HK$1, will remain unchanged but will increase to HK$1.1 from 7 June 2012.

The cut down of the fare increment resulted in the postponement of the modernisation program by Hong Kong Tramways.



The past fares sheet can still be found at the back of the farebox on some trams. 舊車費貼紙在一些電車的錢箱背後仍可見到

The present fare sheets will become an history after thirteen years.  沿用了13年的車費貼紙,即將成為過去。

Precedent to the time using coins and Octopus cards, tram tickets were applied.

Some valuable prewar and postwar tram tickets are displayed. The 3 cents was preferentially for the worker class (1936 onwards), the centred 5 cents guesstimated for civil servants use, and the 6 cents was used during Japanese Occupation.



The two classes tickets were used before 1967 (issued by the British company) and after 1967 (issued by HK) respectively.


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