Tram Route Map 電車路線圖


Route map is definitely a great help to the passengers on the service. However it seems never existed on the tramway in my memory.

Over decades later, the implementation of route maps by Veolia is a good news to passengers and tourists. Moreover, thanks to John for provision of the past valuable route map for recalling.



New route maps were installed in all-tramstops since March 2010, with re-arrangement of the tramstop codes pictured below, which are chalked behind the old plates. 

2010年3月開始,沿線電車站陸續裝上新路線圖,一直標在舊站牌後面的車站代號(見下圖) 亦重新編排。

Tram route map in 1985 with additional details on fares (since 1983) and indicated close relationship with the Star Ferry (John Prentice Collection)

1985年的電車路線圖,除了標示車費 (1983年實施) 外,亦凸顯了其與天星小輪的密切關係。

4 thoughts on “Tram Route Map 電車路線圖

  1. hongkonglover

    very interest your web log.
    I like(love) tram too.
    but I’m live in japan ,only travel to hongkong some times.
    tram is slow,but good sight view for ours.
    wind ,sound,smell,peoples, buildings,more.
    I can’t use Cantonese,and English too.(sorry rudeness)
    I don’t say(write) well,uun..
    hou-hou tram ! ngo-oi thaa-fan.
    Thanks for your beautiful photos. zhio-giin.

    • Joseph Tse

      Thank you so much. I’m happy you like my blog. I understand your English.
      I know Japan people like hongkong trams very much, the old style is their favorite.
      When you travel to hongkong? I will be happy you share more.
      God bless Japan can pass the disaster.

  2. hongkonglover

    Thanks for your Res.
    I visited at 2011/03/02~08 , an earthquake before, with my son.
    my son loves tram and aw-nam[lam (beef brisket)] very much.
    we went to ton-ro-wan tram inter change,turn to right to happy valley.
    we took photo and movie. Good ! overhead aerial wiring switching sound.
    and sure,went to east end, west end of trams line.
    Thanks for your kindness.

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