The Art Show of Tram Ads 電車廣告舞曲


The full-ads on trams not only fascinated the walkers, but also the master work of the painters!!


Airlines has occasionally advertised on trams. Either the precise airplane drawing or a recalling slogan, I can still remember clearly. 不論是大大的飛機還是簡單的廣告標語,至今我仍然印象深刻….

HKT 1: degahk Photo (Thai, MAY-1980, Bank Street/Central)

HKT 116: Lars F. Richter Photo (KOREAN AIR, 3-APR-1989, Whitty Street Depot)

Traveling on trams is, like the slogan says,  is unobstructed and comfortable.

搭電車就像這個廣告標語所寫,是「路路通暢  快捷理想」的享受。

HKT 1: John Prentice Photo (Thai, c.1981 , Pedder Street/Central)

Another superb full ads on tram 133 passing the past Hong Kong Bank.


HKT 133: John Prentice Photo (PLANTERS, c.1981 , Bank Street/Central)

Eight different ads on one car is beneficial to the advertiser, mainly PRC manufactured products. One can choose to cover the whole body for better promotion.


HKT 63: John Prentice Photo (c.1981 , Shaukeiwan Terminus)

HKT 155: degahk Photo (DEC-1979, Admiralty)

Let’s review some of the typical ads in the next topic.


5 thoughts on “The Art Show of Tram Ads 電車廣告舞曲

  1. Zero Hino


  2. 原來 #116 到了1989年左邊車身仍像70年代中期般沒有變動,那樣還有哪些戰後型車身在1987年後仍然沒有更改左邊牌箱、沒有補回原直樓梯位置的車窗呢?

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