Hong Kong Trams – Eco-Friendly Transport 環保先驅–電車


Although I have no idea how the concept of green colour on trams come from, today it is the surviving transport with zero pollution in Hong Kong. Seems only the green can be the best icon for trams.


In early 1970s, there are slogans on trams promoting its benefits to the environmental protection on dimishing pollution, this might explain the origin of green colour. Let’s travel more on trams!

「乘電車,免空氣染污」– 早在70年代,電車已經肩負宣揚環保的使命。這或許可以說明電車以綠色為主色的由來。

HKT 43: John Surgey Photo (1978, Hennessy Road/Tin Lok Lane)

HKT 76: Alan Cheung Photo (1978, Wong Nai Chung Road/Happy Valley)