Headlamp Trick 車頭燈的把戲


The advertising livery of camera products on trams are tricky. A masterly funny concept by using the circle headlamp as the camera lens!


HKT 80: Ray McDermott Photo (Kodak, JUN-1986, Des Voeux Road West/Sai Ying Pun)

HKT 87: Lars F. Richter Collection (Kodak, 2-JAN-1984, Causeway Bay Loop)

HKT 63: H.C.Steele Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (CHINON, 28-OCT-1989, Statue Square/Central)

Such tricky concept continued on new-built bodies in early 1990s.


HKT 52: H.C. Steele Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (PENTAX, 10-MAY-1992, Wong Nai Chung Road/Happy Valley)

HKT 113: Lars F. Richter Photo (PENTAX, MAY-1989, Statue Square/Central)