Have a Tram Party! 電車派對


Let’s have a tram party!! You will never forget how fantastic the night trip is!!


HKT 28 : Joseph Tse Collection (c.1994, Hennessy Road/Wanchai)

The former names of 28 & 128 are “Albert” and “Victoria”, both also for designated routes while destination screens are available.
HKT 28: Ian Photo (c.1989, Whitty Street Depot)
HKT 128: Lars F. Richter Collection (3-APR-1989, Shek Tong Tsui/Whitty Street Depot)
Apart from providing tour rides, tram 128 was specially decorated for the HK Sevens and Cup Noodles, sandwiched in thousands of rugby and a steaming hot big cup noodles!
You can try this non-open-top one with stunning “Tram Party” livery!!
HKT 111: Lars F. Richter Photo (Have a Wonderful Tram Party, 9-APR-1999, Aldrich Bay Road/Sai Wan Ho Depot Loop) 

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