Modifications on Post-War Trams 翻新的戰後款電車


Modifications on Hong Kong trams began in 1974, with adoption of fareboxes in place of conductors (except trailers until they scrapped) and re-position of the staircases.  The period of class distribution has gone.

1974年電車進行大規模翻新,隨著引入收費錢箱和更改樓梯位置,象徵沿用多年的售票制度 (直到拖卡退役為止) 和等級制度成為歷史。

In early refurbishment period, there are different combinations of the trams on their staircase placement. The coloured stripes on tram 15 were designed to make trams more conspicuous in traffic.


HKT 15: Lennox McEwan Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (1984, Causesway Bay Loop)

In late 1973, trams are painted in jade green in place of its original dark Brunswick green, the striped sun visors (at the front gate afterwards) were also a signage for other vehicles. The rearside slope fleet numbers might have implemented at the same time.


HKT152:  Alan Photo (JUN-1976, Ice House Street/Central)

The small fleet numbers and the straight front staircase, pictured on top, has been abolished, and increasing areas advertising is shown. The side screen remained its original position and a panel concealing the new spiral ones that later extended to the entire fleet.

Another picture shows tram 6 with yellow-and-black striped signs at the front gate. The side screen has been positioned at the back.

上圖的6號細小編號和直梯已被取消,側牌位置不變,最後的車窗亦被封 (遮蔽新樓梯位置,及後全數車隊作相同改動),廣告空間亦增多了。


HKT 6: Alan Cheung Photo (1980, Statue Square/Central)

HKT 6: Ray McDermott Photo (JUN-1985, Pedder Street/Central)

Same nearside body appearance on tram 127 but the straight front staircase is still visible.


HKT 127: Alan Cheung Photo (1980, Wong Nai Chung Road/Happy Valley)

Due to variation on the modification process, tram 88 with original side screen position and concealed panel at the rearside as well as the vanished inward opening hopper vents, but appeared in a special looking as the screen positioned in the middle of the lower window sets!


HKT 88: Gakugeiin-K Photo (Northwest Airlines, 1986, Statue Square/Central MTR)

Tram 26 with white livery and its repainted white inner cabin, whilst tram 37 with the former green inside. The continually removal of the lifeguard tray & gate was implemented on either refurbished or “Post-War” trams (except #120、#28、#128) began in 1987, replaced by bulkhead structure.

翻新後的26號車廂被髹成白色,37號則仍維持原來的綠色。1987年,不論戰後款或翻新電車,都陸續拆除前後欄柵及車底兩端的木條排 (#120、#28、#128除外),車頭車尾以長身/短身鋁板取代。

HKT 37: Harold Stern Photo (EVEREADY永備貓嘜電芯, NOV-1988, Hennessy Road/Causeway Bay)

HKT 26: H.C. Steele Photo/Lars F. Richter Collection (SAPORO, 2-JUN-1990, Pedder Street/Central)

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