Tramway (HKT) Fleet List 香港電車車隊列表














During the history of the HKT tramcar fleet new bodies were often built onto old underframes. Today the regular fleet (excluding the special cars 28, 120, 128, 200, 300 and the three surviving millennium type bodies 169, 170, 171 – the latter now stored) comprises of cars with Full Arts or Leeway Engineering bodies on completely new underframes. The newest cars 168 and 172 are slightly more advanced and feature components also found on the millennium cars (mostly the side of the tram).

We have prepared a list of the current fleet.  Included are details like type of controllers & trolley poles, body and fleet number swaps, last overhaul date etc. and most importantly the type of truck used. Today, only the trucks are a reminder from the past.

Click the following link to open a pdf file containing details of the current fleet and those from the early days to today:


以下的車隊列表,載有包括電車用的控制器款式、集電弓(拖里)、已停用的號碼、大修日期等,更重要的還有底盤款式 — 這是唯一可以追溯過去的標記。


Truck types

Peckham truck – old history, majority of trams got this type




















M&T truck – Maley & Taunton

HKT truck – made by Hong Kong Tramways

Motion types

There are three types of motion on Hong Kong trams, of which 120, tour-28 & 128 are using Dick Kerr controllers. The remaining are with joysticks, 77 trams (a pair of speed reading) with “voltage divider” and 50 (single speed reading) with IGBT.



















Trolley types

Single spring trolley

     Double spring trolley

Double spring with a bit higher base, currently exist in #39 and #133

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