The Predecessors of Trams 28 & 128 (28和128號的前身)


Trams 28 & 128 are at first normal passenger trams before changing to open-top bodies, the renumbering story on those two cars together with 59 & 119 was intensely interesting.


HKT 28: Ricky Photo (c.1970, Hennessy Road/Wanchai)

HKT 119: Allan Photo (c.1977, Arsenal Street/Wanchai)

The former 128 and the “new” 59 are, probably the same car. Hints could be found on the 2nd & 4th lower glazing and the trolley.

One of my tram fans, has got vague memory on sporting the number “128” in the upper cabin of “new” 59…



HKT 128: Gakugeiin-K Photo (3-MAR-1986, Des Voeux Road Central/Central Market)

HKT 59: Harold Stern Photo (NOV-1988, Hennessy Road/Canal Road West)

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