Golden Age of Post-War Trams 戰後式電車的黃金歲月


The Post-War Trams named as they were built after the WW2, the advanced version as to precedent double-decker, was implemented in 1949, with a total of 163 tramcars. The old bodies were retired from 1987 to 1991 and were replaced by the new-built ones.

I was fascinated by the stunning hand-painted advertising liveries !!



HKT 21: Gakugeiin-K Photo (PLANTERS, 1986, Des Voeux Road Central/Central MTR)
HKT 39 : Gakugeiin-K Photo (British Caledonian Airways, 1986, Hennessy Road/Causeway Bay)
HKT 104 : Gakugeiin-K Photo (COLTALIN Cold Tablet, 1986, Des Voeux Road Central)

The heritage of the film adverts,  and the coastal tramlines of Kennedy Town Praya,  had been gone.


HKT 73 : Photo: Allan/Joseph Tse Collection (Fuji Film, 1989, Admiralty)
HKT 98 : Photo: Allan/Joseph Tse Collection (Hong Kong Hilton Hotel 25th Anniversary, 1988, Des Voeux Road Central/Garden Road)

The above liveries has been lasted for several years and transferred to new bodies. The economic is flourishing!


HKT 122 : Photo: H. C. Steele/Lars F. Richter Collection (Madam Pearl’s Cough Strup, MAY-1989, Statue Square/Central)
HKT 135 : Photo: Scott Manson/Lars F. Richter Collection (Wing Lung Bank, 23-FEB-1990, Des Voeux Road Central/Sheung Wan)
Various types of advertising livery turning the trams into transit advertising shows! We will introduce in the next topic.
HKT 1: Gakugeiin-K Photo (Korea SanYang Food, 1986, Hennessy Road/Causeway Bay)
HKT 73 : Lars F. Richter Photo (SOGO, MAY-1989, Western Street)
HKT 101 : Harold Stein Photo (WONBI-D, NOV-1988, Henessy Road/Canal Road Eest)

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