Dual Function – HKT 300 電和柴油兩用 – 300號電車


 Can you imagine a tram without any number and is likely the “twins” as to open-top tram 28 !! This is a new workscar built by HKT in 2007.

你能想像一架沒有編號,外形跟古董電車28號幾乎一模一樣的電車嗎? 這是電車公司2007年建造的新工程電車。

 300 is rarely seen in the street and initially did not carry a fleet number.


All Photos: Joseph Tse

HKT 300: 26-MAR-2010, Whitty Street Depot; 28-APR-2010, Des Voeux Road West; 23-FEB-2008, Shing Sai Road)

Under assembling

Special thanks to Rick W

There was hearsay that one more tour tram will be constructed by using the pictured frame with exact same looking to no.28, which has been stayed in the depot for years when the Millennium trams were under construction. However, it finally appeared as a works-car years later.


To learn more on the function of no.300, go to the posts “Tram Secrets” & “Night Walkers”!

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