Special Features on HKT 特別外貌的香港電車


HKT 113 : Lars F. Richter Photo (PENTAX, MAY-1989, Statue Square/Central)

For various reasons, some trams were non-standard.  After being overturned by a runaway concrete mixer truck in 1983, tram 113 re-entered service with substantial changes to its top deck, such as taller windows, and internal fluorescent lighting.


In the 1990s HKT dabbled with the idea of introducing 11.5-metre bogie trams, to which purpose it assembled this all-metal wheel-less body on a plinth at Whitty Street depot.  It was said that the body could have been completed as an operating tram, but the idea was quietly dropped and the vehicle-body was dismantled by the end of the 1990s.
Photo: Thomas E. Fichter/Lars F. Richter Collection (29-APR-1997, Whitty Street Depot)

Although tram 144 was a conventional refurbished car, its October 1986 ‘Royal’ livery was distinctive.  HKT made every effort to ensure that 144 would pass the HSBC headquarters just as Her Majesty entered the building, but sadly it was just a minute or two too late.

HKT 144: Alan Cheung Photo (Welcome Majesty, The Queen, 1986, Russell Street Depot)

During the 1990s HKT contemplated the replacement of trolley poles by pantographs.  Car 88, which was in the works at the time, was equipped with a home-made diamond photograph, in which condition the motorless tram was pushed around beneath the depot wiring.  The experiment took place in 1996, and was so short-lived that this must be one of very few photographs to show an HKT tram with a pantograph.  As part of the abortive experiment, glide bars were fitted beneath overhead frogs (to prevent snagging on the pantograph horns) and for the same reason all insulators were inverted between Whitty Street and Central.  (T.V. Runnacles)

The side-screen of tram 16 was placed at the upper edge of the window-line, unlike those of other standard trams.
HKT 16: Donald MacRae Photo (FitFort, SEPT-1998, Shaukeiwan Road/Sai Wan Ho)

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