HKT Past Fleet Numbers 過去式的號碼


There are 6 vacant fleet numbers, 44, 63, 71, 85 ,134 & 144, especially those including “4” (in Chinese pronunciation means “dead”) and those got accident record, are considered a sign of misfortune to HKT.



HKT 144 : Lars F. Richter Photo (Lu Shen Wan, JUN-1987, King’s Road/North Point)

HKT 44 : Joseph Tse Collection (1990, Queensway/Admiralty)

HKT 44 : John Prentice Photo (Thomas Cook Master Card, 1990, Chater Road/Central)

HKT 63 : Michael Rokitta Photo/Lars F. Richter Collection (HERSHEY’S, 1-JAN-1994, Wong Nai Chung Road/Broadwood Road)
HKT 71 : H.C. Steele Photo/Lars F. Richter Collection (JAL, 24-JUL-1993, Happy Valley Loop)
HKT 85 : Allan Photo/Joseph Tse Collection (SINCERE, 1988, King’s Road/Tai Koo)
HKT 134 : Thomas E. Fischer Photo/Lars F. Richter Collection (KONICA, 29-APR-1997, Shaukeiwan Terminus)

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