HKT 1987 Trams 全新建造的電車


HKT 6: Lars F. Richter Photo (AIR FRANCE, JUN-1987, Des Voeux Road West/Sai Ying Pun)

HKT 12: Lars F. Richter Photo (CSL, 3-APR-1989, Kennedy Town Loop)

The 1987 Trams, under the mass refurbishment, were new-built underframes and bodies in place of the dismantled old bodies. The bulkhead structure and removal of the lifeguard tray & gate are then the miniature of the present cars. Before the old bodies gone they are in normal service with the 1986/87 Trams, as shown below.

1987年電車進行第二次翻新,舊車身陸續被拆毀,以全新的車身取代。車頭車尾圍上鋁板的外形為現役車的雛形。在舊車身被拆毀前,仍可見到仍然帶著舊車身的電車和翻新後的電車同行 (見下圖)。

Special thanks to Julian for valuable photos

Tram 12 was the first 1987 car which replaced the gap when the original 12 went to Canada.


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