HKT 1986 Trams 翻新電車


The refurbishment (re-bodied) of tramcars was implemented in 1986, one of the obvious changes is front & rear windows with radius corners in place of typical square shapes. Also note the resistor box being removed to the roof from the lower rear cabin and the upper glazing were extended almost to roof level.


Special thanks to degahk for valuable collection

Tram 89 is one of the fleets being refurbished from its existing frame.


A new miniature has nearly finished and is believed to be no. 139/159.

HKT 80: Julian Photo (Kodak, 1986, The Landmark/Central)
HKT 141 : Photo: Lennox McEwan/Lars F. Richter Collection (AJINOMOTO, 24-FEB-1991, Connaught Road West/Western Market)