Back to Front Operation 「倒叮」-倒轉行的電車


Under emergency matters, trams run in reverse for limited service. The workers are busy in this operation at Sheung Wan and Admiralty due to an emergency track repairing at the eastbound loop of Sheung Wan.


3 Photos: Joseph Tse (14-NOV-2010, Queensway & Western Market)

Sometimes the tram charter would be slightly influenced. A small matter to them !


3 Photos: Joseph Tse (14-NOV-2010, Western Market Terminus)

2 thoughts on “Back to Front Operation 「倒叮」-倒轉行的電車

    • Joseph Tse

      Yes correct, only in emergency/special matters. The blockage lasted 79-days had recorded as a historic mark on HK Tramways.
      Re the crossover, total should be nine, there’s one approaching the depot, Shing Sai Road.
      Joseph (Amazing Ding Ding)

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