HKT 169 on Charter 千禧電車「私人租用」


HKT 169 (Millennium body) taken during our Private Hire around the whole system (Whitty Street Depot* – Kennedy Town – Shaukeiwan – Happy Valley Loop – Whitty Street Depot). Another surprise is the other millennium car, 170 follow us!!

169號千禧電車幸運地被特別租用,且接近走畢沿途路線 (西廠* – 堅尼地城 – 筲箕灣 – 跑馬地 – 西廠),更巧合地遇上170號。這是唯一剩下的兩架「千禧電車」。

Photo: Joseph Tse (19-FEB-2011, King’s Road/North Point)

*電車公司行內用語,西廠 (屈地街電車廠) / 東廠 (西灣河電車廠) — HKT phrase, for identification of the two depots, West Depot (Whitty Street Depot) and East Depot (Sai Wan Ho Depot)

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