HKT 168 Trial Service Starts! 新電車168正式投入服務


HKT 168: Joseph Tse Photo (17-FEB-2011, Western Market)

HKT 168 – newly rebuilt in Aug 2010 (ex Millennium body built in 2000) – a new era for Hong Kong Tramways – 168 first day entered into trial service, 17 Feb 2011 (anniversary on wholly-owned by Veolia).

Please refer to the below link regarding the media launch of the new tram, 5-OCT-2010—- SCMP-6oct)

New tram 168 with stunning “HKT 1904” livery, continues its century’s mission, 168 in Chinese pronunciation means “continuing to be rich”. A good start!


The first stop of the route, first day of service starts.


Photo: Joseph Tse (17-FEB-2011, Catchick Street/Kennedy Town)

The crowded view on 168 tell us the fact – the Company should not worry on passengers no matter the construction of MTR West Line!!


Photo: Joseph Tse (27-FEB-2011, Pedder Street/Central)

Tram 168 turn loop, westbound Shek Tong Tsui


Photo: Joseph tse (21-FEB-2011, Connaught Road West/Western Market)

 HKT 168: Joseph Tse Photo (25-FEB-2011, Shing Sai Road/Shek Tong Tsui)

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