HKT 124 (Vanished 134)


HKT 124: Joseph Tse Photo (Spain Hofex 2009, 2-MAY-2009, Shek Tong Tsui)

The present 124 is, dramatically, got a special story.

Pictured below are the original body of tram 124. It was likely one of the scrapped bodies being used for the building of the Millennium cars. The “new” 124 was renumbered from 134 hence resulted in the vacancy of no.134.



HKT 124: John Prentice Photo (Dulux, c1990, Happy Valley Terminus)

HKT 124: Michael Rokitta Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (Duro, 1-JAN-1994, Shaukeiwan Road/Sai Wan Ho Depot Loop)

Special thanks to Julian

Evidence to verify it was actually the body of 134 are:

  1. the trolley style, and
  2. a number “134” chalked under the bench can still be vaguely seen.


  1. 拖里款式
  2. 座椅板蓋下仍可隱約看見”134″ 的痕跡

Special thanks to Jennifer Whitehead

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