Whitty Street Depot 屈地街電車廠


Whitty Street Depot was built and opened in 27 May 19891. It’s the main depot majoring for trams maintenance. Another smaller one, Sai Wan Ho Depot2 was also built for trams parking.


Special thanks to Lindsaybridge

Old bodies pending to scrap in Whitty Street Depot, another picture shows the completion of the rebuilt trams, taken in 1991.


Special thanks to Ian taken in 1989.

Old cars are still visible before they gone. New rebodied #6, one under rebuilt ($149) in the workshop and old cars #105, #107 altogether. The open top #28 still got destination screens same as standard cars before the suspension of its HKD2 designated service.


The abandoned roof-top boxes for uncertain use. 部分舊有的車頂電箱放置在車廠內。

A temporary truck stand (in technical terms is an “accommodation truck”), for those trams with their trucks removed, will stand on it.


Fare boxes under repainting.  電車錢箱正進行翻髹。

Tram bodies being lifted up for maintenance in the workshop.

Here shows the trams undergo overhaul being “pushed” in the workshop by the standard car.


Photo: Joseph Tse (18-FEB-2011, Whitty Street Depot)

Thank you for the hospitality of Maggie on our visit, and lucky to meet my friend driver before his duty.


1 See the link http://www.hktramways.com/en/museum

2 According to UK magazine “Modern Tramway” entitled “Tramway Developments in Hong Kong” by T.V. Runnacles, a formal opening ceremony was held on 28 April 1989.