HKT 30


Another scrapping victim was tram 30, which succumbed in 2006.

HKT 30: Joseph Tse Photo (Singapore Tour, 15-APR-2009, Shek Tong Tsui)

Except for trams 168 to 171, Hong Kong’s trams have been equipped with folding gates rather than full-height doors.  However, tram 30 was an exception for many years after entering service in May 1988.  It was considered that proper doors would prevent tram motormen from receiving a soaking whenever trams were driven through the washer. After operating in this manner for several years, and notwithstanding the good intentions, tram 30 was re-equipped with gates for the rest of its operating life.

HKT 30: T.V. Runnacles Photo (Dah Chong Hong, 30-OCT-1989, Queensway)

HKT 30: Lars F. Richter Photo (MINOLTA, 9-APR-1999, Shaukeiwan Road/Aldrich Bay Road)

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