Tram 1 was rebuilt in mid-1989 decorated in “SWATCH” livery, being the winner of “The Most Attractive Tram Advertising Competition” in 1996.


SWATCH – 1st version (in/abt 1990 – 1994)

HKT 1: Michael Rokitta Photo / Lars F. Richter Collection (SWATCH, 6-JAN 1994, Tai Koo Shing Road)

The last full advertising on car 1 in old body

舊1號車身最後一個全車身廣告 – 韓國三養麵

HKT 1: John Law Photo (Korea SanYang Food, c.1983, Sharp Street Depot)

HKT 1: Joseph Tse Photo (Campbells, 24-OCT-2009, Eastern Street/Sai Ying Pun)

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