Peak Tram Fleet List


A relatively rare view of a new Peak Tram with old Peak Tower in the background, taken in 1989.  (Special thanks to T.V. Runnacles)

Current fleet:

  • “green” + “white” 2-car trains built by von Roll in 1989

Previous fleet:

  • 1950s: 3 cars of 1956 lightweight construction (only 2 cars used at any one time) – two cars now on display (one at the upper terminus and one outside a small depot near the lower terminus)
  • 1940s: 2 cars of all-metal construction (built 1948)
  • 1920s: 2 wooden cars (built 1926)
  • 1880s: 2 wooden cars (built 1888)


  • 1989年由瑞士von Roll中標建造, 初期為綠及白色車身, 後期才改為現在的紅色


  • 1950年款: 1956年製, 共3架 (其中2架分別放於山頂廣場外及山下總站前一角) 
  • 1940年款: 1948年製, 全金屬車廂, 共2 架
  • 1920年款: 1926年製, 木製車廂, 共2架
  • 1880年款: 1888年製, 木製車廂, 共2架

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