Tuen Mun (MTR) Fleet List

  • 1001-1070 Comeng 1988*
  • 1071-1090 Kawasaki 1992
  • 1091-1110 Goninan 1997
  • 1111-1132 Gonian 2009
  • 1201-1210 Kawasaki 1992 (these are motor cars without cabs and thus can not operate alone)

*at least one of the earlier cars has since been scrapped (after 1999): probably car 1013 (which had an accident in 1994)

Few refurbished Phase 4 partly outlining in Phase 3 in the depot (Joseph Tse Photo)

  • 1001-1070 澳洲Comeng (1988年製) *
  • 1071-1090 日本川崎 (1992年製)
  • 1091-1110 澳洲Goninan (1997年製)
  • 1111-1132 中國製澳洲Gonian (2009年投入服務)
  • 1201-1210 日本川崎1992年製 (其中10架為拖掛列車,無駕駛室)


LRT 1009:  T.V. Runnacles Photo (Phase 1, 9-SEPT-1989, Long Yat Road / Castle Peak Road)

LRT 1086: Lars F. Richter Photo (Phase 2, 9-APR-1999, Fung Nin Road / Castle Peak Road)

LRT 1097: T.V. Runnacles Photo (Phase 3, 16-NOV-1997, Lynwood Court / Tin Shui Wai)

One thought on “Tuen Mun (MTR) Fleet List

  1. David Kerr

    A very useful website as I only visit Hong Kong occasionally so thanks for the history of the Ding dings Trams

    Regards David Kerr

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